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Everlasting drip

Creamers Magical Slip N Slide 1oz

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Enjoy all the erotic pleasures of everlasting drip.Creamers magical slip and slide will arouse you and your partner to tingling heights of passion that will spill over to everlasting satisfaction. Just like the original slip n slide,creamers slip n slide replicates a woman’s natural
cervical mucus, which is almost impossible to match. It’s fragrance free and completely safe to put in your mouth but we do not recommend swallowing it in large quantities. It’s made with natural,organic ingredients and supplements the body’s natural lubrication.The perfect go to for anyone trying to heighten their sex life, women
struggling with dryness or menopause and safe for couples trying to conceive or currently pregnant.This product has a creamier white look compared to our other lubricants. I’m sure you can get wet but this will get you wetter!

• Organic ingredients
• Parabens-Free
• Non sticky
• Extra slippery
• Long lasting
• Fragrance-Free
• Condom friendly
• Sex toy friendly
• Sensitive skin friendly
• PH balanced
• Enhances sexual pleasure

DIRECTIONS: Accumulate as much of the product you’ll like using the dropper top then insert your desired amount into your vagina or anus minutes before sex to get best results. Be sure to thoroughly wash your dropper top once it’s been inserted. You can also drop your
desired amount on your vaginal or anal area without inserting it.

INGREDIENTS: All natural seaweed extract, green tea
extract,marshmallow root extract,water,concentration 50/50 water (PARABEN AND GLYCERIN FREE)

WARNING:Please be sure to store product in room temperature environment in order to maintain the consistency. After usage completely dry the dropper top to avoid any liquid from being added to
the lubricant.